June 25, 2012


This week is busy busy busy! Lots of decorations to make for my daughters 3rd birthday. So happy to be making stuff to celebrate her day! Anyway I cant wait to post the photos and I am having my older kids take the pics so I can do other party stuff! Well I better get back to the crafting! 

Oh and by the way I want to leave you with a little nugget of truth:::God loves you the way you are and already accepts you as you are! Through his GRACE, MERCY and LOVE he will shape you to be the person you need to be. Not because you are 'bad' or anything but because He  LOVES you! 

Matthew 5:9 says---
 Blessed (enjoying enviable happiness, spiritually prosperous—with life-joy and satisfaction in God’s favor and salvation, regardless of their outward conditions) are the makers and maintainers of peace, for they shall be called the sons of God!

Blessing to you & Happy Monday!

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