June 11, 2011

21 weeks

All I can say headache.....
after headache....
after headache for now.
Not sure if this is a "normal' part of this pregnancy.
I am having tooth trouble too and think maybe ? they are connected.
I am going to the dentist in a few days to see. 
Feeling lots of little boy kicks going on and I am LOVING it :)
Thee best part of being pregnant is feeling the baby move!
Plus  the fact your bring a person in to the world :)

June 3, 2011

Little Prayers

This morning I bumped my baby belly into the corner of a counter top. (ouch)
I rubbed it and said ooh that kinda hurt.
It wasn't a big deal,
just what happens when your preggo belly sticks out further than normal.
My toddler who is 23 months says to me,
with her big brown eyes wide with concern
"Mom I kiss your owie!"
Ok so I knelt down and she kissed my 'owie'.
she then tells me in her tiny but very excited voice,
Mom I pray Jesus help you?!
So I said OK!
She hugged me and said
"Dear Jesus help moms owie feel better. Amen"
So simple so sweet
 and it was her First prayer, 
on her own, ever.
My heart was like butter!