November 21, 2011

Thanksgiving is Here!!!

Wow its the end of November already! Whew what a month! Jackson is getting bigger and bigger. He is in the 10 percentile for babies his age so not too bad. Staying awake more and more. His daddy got him to smile for the first time!  I think he just looks at me with awe and  I'm his food source ;) Kenzi is almost potty trained   but some days are better than others. I choose to focus on the good days :) She counts pretty good and talks really good....sometimes too good! Just Kidding! I've been busy this week getting ready for our little feast and awaiting our guests. My hubby's mom and step-dad will be here in about a week! Everyone is super excited! Its been along time since we've had company from out west. We are looking forward to visiting and for them to meet the baby. That's all for now!