May 30, 2012


I do believe we are going to plan our VERY first camping trip as Midwest dwellers! First we have to see if the tents we have work (we have never used them!) But there is murmurings! SOO if we do go I will keep yall posted! :)

May 24, 2012

just another day

hello everyone!
this week started out not so good
my toddler caught hand foot and mouth from somewhere
its going around here..
we have a pretty active social life and have many friends
many of those friends have sick kids right now
its a part of life right?!?

it is a hard one to witness 
because the first night she had a bad fever 
second night was fever and thrashing about crying out about her feet 
hurting itching burning
like there was sand in her toes
that's how she described it
during the day it was lots of tears and fussiness
except when we went outside to watch daddy play softball
i regret taking her to that though because that night we were up till 3am
last night she slept well to make up for the last 2 nights she didn't
everyone has had a fever at least once but then nothing else 
so maybe we are over this soon!
i have been using essential oils to sooth her symptoms
its only been one day but i see improvements
or maybe its just running its course...

blessings & love

May 18, 2012

Week in review

He loves that mirror!

one of the easiest going babies i know

lots of beautiful weather here

so tired lately but hanging on to the Lords promises

he wants to get somewhere

there he goes

howd he do that?!?


he wanted the nook!

see me m om? I did it!

look! I'm also pulling myself up in my crib too!

lots of walks

missing our beautiful home state!!!


my oldest daughters graduation from grade school to middle school :)
our week here was fast!!!  have a GREAT weekend ladies! see ya soon :)

May 1, 2012

Modge podge

My little kids have been sick as of lately and my toddler isn't in her best form. Poor dear! Last night I cought her with some bright pink nail polish painting her nails, the dresser and her bed. Imagine her shock and protest when I took it from her and laid her back in her bed! Today I will {hopefully} be able to get that pretty polish off. Did I mention that the dresser is white?

Yesterday we made eggs in toast. So good and it will get my toddler to eat.
Take your price of bread and with a cookie cutter, cut out the center of the bread. Melt some butter in your fav egg pan. Place your bread on the pan and crack an egg into the middle. Cook until its done! That's it! You can also toast up the price of bread you cut out. This simple little thing can make the people you love so much, happier when they are not feeling well :)
Blessings and Happy Tuesday pretty ladies!!