May 1, 2012

Modge podge

My little kids have been sick as of lately and my toddler isn't in her best form. Poor dear! Last night I cought her with some bright pink nail polish painting her nails, the dresser and her bed. Imagine her shock and protest when I took it from her and laid her back in her bed! Today I will {hopefully} be able to get that pretty polish off. Did I mention that the dresser is white?

Yesterday we made eggs in toast. So good and it will get my toddler to eat.
Take your price of bread and with a cookie cutter, cut out the center of the bread. Melt some butter in your fav egg pan. Place your bread on the pan and crack an egg into the middle. Cook until its done! That's it! You can also toast up the price of bread you cut out. This simple little thing can make the people you love so much, happier when they are not feeling well :)
Blessings and Happy Tuesday pretty ladies!!

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