Our Boys

Our Oldest: My pregnancy with him was a normal one and there were no complications and this had been the case with all of my pregnancies.
August 6th I went in to labor with him at around 5am. I woke up realizing that today I might have my baby. His due date wasn't until The 21st so I didn't really think I would have him. So I called my mid-wife and she asked me to wait until it progressed to go to the hospital. So we waited and counted and timed contractions. Around 10am we got in the car and drove the route we had timed and planned out. We lived in a big at the time and there was always traffic. So we took the fastest route there! I had my birth plan and the bag with baby clothes and birth aides and away we went! We get there and for the first 2 hours I walk the halls trying to move things along. The next hour or so I used the big whirlpool bath tub they had in each room for moms who wanted water births or as a labor aide. It was very nice! Then I decided it was time for an epidural. As soon as I got it no more bath or walking so I was in bed for the next 12 hours feeling no pain. The doctor broke my water and thought that would help move things along. I was only dilated to a 4 or so. Not enough to have a baby. I didn't sleep that well and The pain came back. I told my nurse about it and she kinda just said I don't know why...Your getting you medication through your drip. They also noticed my contraction slowed way down so they gave me patocyin (sp?) to help start things moving again. They did a little. All morning I was in terrible back labor and it was SO PAINFUL! Around noon I asked for the doctor to come and see me. He came in and evaluated the way everything was going and then said the baby was face up and stuck in my pelvis. So I asked about a c-section. He said yes. So they prepped me for surgery as fast as they could and by 2:32pm August 7th 1999 I was a mom of a 8lbs 12oz baby boy! My hubby got to be in there a see everything! He thought it was the most awesome thing he had ever seen!
People asked me if I felt bad about having a c-section and I don't to this day because they had to do it to make sure he was OK and get that boy born! 

He is a sensitive first born who takes charge when needed to and that is exactly what a mom wants to see in her boy.
Our Youngest: As many of you know I am expecting our fourth baby sometime in October. We are super excited to be adding a member to our young family. My Husband and I have been together for 12 years and I would love to say it has been a perfect ride but it hasn't. We had a period of a few years that were really rough and we were separated for a few years and almost got a divorce. Sad right? Good news! We didn't! Through the saving Grace of Jesus we were both saved (within a couple months of each other) and so was our marriage :) PRAISE the LORD :) :) :) As time passed we decided to add more children to our family. I absolutely LOVE it! This is a place I can record events during this pregnancy. It will be our last...because lets face facts...we are not getting younger!
12 hours old

12 days old
Going HOME at 15 days old :)
Big sister visiting in the NICU-2 days old 
 The first time I got to hold my son 12 hours after his birth-such an emotional time...
Our second son was born on September 12th 2011. He was 5 weeks early and totally surprised us! He spent 2 weeks in the NICU and came home with us and has been growing and doing great ever since! We are so in LOVE with him! He is sweet and sociable and God knew what he was doing by bringing this sweetheart into our family.Without Jesus holding me up during that time I don't really know how I would have handled it all. So thankful! There could have been more complications or a longer hospital stay but there wasn't. I pray for babies that are preemie very regularly now as a result of my experiences.


Erin said...

Wow friend, was just reading through some of your posts and tears are just streaming down my face! You have such an amazing heart for your family and the Lord. My parents were separated and nearly got divorced right before they both got saved. Crazy how the Lord works and so amazing isnt it? :) Love you!

jessica m said...

Awe! I am so glad to hear their marriage was RESTORED! God is so amazing! The world says throw it all away and God says I will fix it for my Glory!! He is so good!!