March 10, 2011


The Lord is in constant motion shaping, stretching and molding me to His idea of what I need to be.
I am so thankful for His consistent touch in my life. 
His love is so powerful, from saving me from my self destructive behavior in 2004 to helping me be the women I need to be.
 I Love Him for that and Love the idea of being re-invented thou

March 7, 2011

Open Arms

So when 2011 came around I just felt like it was going to be an awesome year of big things.
 Things that have happened already confirmed this is my heart and I am welcoming it all with open arms.
 This last Saturday I attended a mini-conference called Restore. It blessed my heart and soul so much. There was a tremendous amount of healing that happened. The main speaker was Grace Johnson and the way she poured the Love of God out to all the women there was AMAZING! She was an ordinary women with an extraordinary story of how God loves us SO MUCH. She has the anointing of the Lord! 
There was truth, love, encouragement, and peace within my heart as the day went on. 
Words can not describe what was done and I know it was for God's Glory and yet it blessed me as well. 

Also wanted to just say that we are going to be expecting our fourth child in the fall!
The kids are soooo happy!
James is ready to be daddy of 4
I LOVE babies!(Especially my babies! ;)
So that would be more big news for 2011 :)