May 30, 2010


New ideas are FLOODING my brain and am I excited!!!!

May 25, 2010

Our ADVENTURE awaits us!

OH HAPPY DAY! 12 days till I head out to the WONDROUS Pacific NORTHWEST! OH there are friends & family who we have NOT seen in 2 YEARS! Some of those who have not meet my youngest yet. Sad, I know, but OH HAPPY DAY! We will see them soon :) I am getting pretty excited :)

I leave you know with some photos of the area where I grew up :)
                          The Coast Line :)

                         The Fort

       Chinese Cafe=YUMMY♥

                         Hiking on Beacon Rock

The Trail to the top....

The Covington House...A Historic Log Home Famous to the area....Where we were can read about it here--->   And that is the area where we came from before we moved here :) 

May 24, 2010

New Chapters

This weekend was PLUMB full of graduations and  open houses! I have never experienced this before. I LOVED it! A weekend full of new chapters beginning. Hopes and dreams, ideas and plans...who knew it would be so beautiful? It has got me thinking about my children's graduations and what my future prayers for them will & are gonna be :) ALSO I got to socialize with people I LOVE!!! What a crazy, fun, love filled weekend :

May 22, 2010

First House=Home for 5!!!

Oh WOW! We have been looking at houses. We found one in our budget and closer to where we worship and the kids go to school. We made a bid(Scary moment for us!) It was denied, we offered a counter bid, it was ACCEPTED!!! We prayed it was in HIS will for our lives and it is coming TRUE! ACK & PRAISE THE LORD all at the same time :) Have you ever felt that way??? I need to confess here...i'm a we bit fearful nervous, but I do know I HAVE to give that to Jesus because it is in His plan for us to have a home. So now on to another chapter of life(home ownership) and I am praying that it will be fun, adventurous, beautiful and most of all, BLESSED! 

May 17, 2010

Must Haves

Well I never thought looking for a house was this difficult! We have many ideas in mind as to what we are looking for. 

  • MUST have AC! Summers here can be brutally hot-n-humid. 
  • MUST have enough room for our brood growing brood, plus storage for kid stuff.
  • MUST have a garage for two cars
  • MUST have 2 bathrooms or at least 2 toilets*wink wink*
  • MUST have a big yard for kids & garden & entertaining
  • MUST have room for company & BBQs & guests
  • MUST have open floor plan
  • MUST have BIG kitchen and dining area
Ok so I am looking at this list and realizing that is a big list of MUST haves, BUUUT I do know my God is WAAY bigger than that and He has good things in store for this family :) Plus on top of that this list is VERY flexable! You know what they say 'the flexable shall not break!' 
What are your home MUST haves? What did you budge on or what did you stay firm on? Please help!