May 25, 2010

Our ADVENTURE awaits us!

OH HAPPY DAY! 12 days till I head out to the WONDROUS Pacific NORTHWEST! OH there are friends & family who we have NOT seen in 2 YEARS! Some of those who have not meet my youngest yet. Sad, I know, but OH HAPPY DAY! We will see them soon :) I am getting pretty excited :)

I leave you know with some photos of the area where I grew up :)
                          The Coast Line :)

                         The Fort

       Chinese Cafe=YUMMY♥

                         Hiking on Beacon Rock

The Trail to the top....

The Covington House...A Historic Log Home Famous to the area....Where we were can read about it here--->   And that is the area where we came from before we moved here :) 

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alignaCristina said...

Wow jessica it all looks so amazing. James and i have talked about visiting out that way some time in the future..You'll have to take lots of pictures and post em so we can see:) By the way i love you new blog look. Very vintage looking and soooo cute!! love love love it:)