Our Daughters

This Birth is pretty cut and dry. It was a scheduled c-section due to what happened with my son. We went to to the hospital the morning of August 15th and by 10:30am I was holding my sweet little girl in my arms. Everything went as planned and I was SO THANKFUL!
I did try to breastfeed her for two weeks and due to a lack of milk production and her losing weight she had to be put on formula. It was kinda sad because I tried so hard and I didn't with my son.
Today she an energetic kid who loves others and is very sweet. She has taught me so much in her short life and I am blessed to call her mine!

My second born daughter:::My Birth with the youngest was a scheduled c-section for the 13th of July(EDD 7-20-09) but my baby girl had other plans! Around 12:15pm on the 1st of July I felt a strange sensation of having to go to the bathroom and a very small pop somewhere inside. I was resting so I slowly got up and went to the bathroom and realized this fluid didn't stop! My water broke! I had never felt this before so I felt really nervous and shaky. I asked the kids to get my phone and made the call to my husbands work. Around 25min later(I was still in the bathroom) he showed up so we could go to the hospital.my bag wasn't even fully packed yet! I had put some things in there but I wasn't done. So AWAY we went! My husband kinda, moderately, speeding driving quickly! We were 30 min away from the hospital so there was no time to waste.  We arrive and make our way to the birthing center. By now it's around 1:25pm and they get my into a birthing room but I am a c-section momma so they get all the people there they need to start this birthing process.  They start the preparations and get me in the OR and I get on the table and they deliver my smallest baby ever at 7lbs 9oz and it all goes well. So HAPPY!
I breastfeed this baby with the help of supplementing formula. I still had production issues but with the help of a few close friends I was able to nurse my child for 15 months!

At the park with her sister(right) and friend
She is a momma's girl and very independent all at the same time!