April 18, 2010


Hello! I know it's been a while since I posted but I've been VERY BUSY since the weather started to warm up. Kids all wanna be outside and that means majority rules, so out we go! Walking, playing in the yard and visiting with friends.
So yesterday my hubby had plans with a friend of his and out of the blue I decide the kids and I are going 45 minutes away from HOME to go shopping. I was feeling rather adventurous! And WE got lost. and WE
had a blast singing in the car to oldies. And we went out to lunch  (nothing fancy, Arby's) And we found good deals on baby and kid summer clothes. I know ALOT of moms would never try it with out someone to help but....I know when my kids hit a certain age they travel well and I knew in my heart we eould be fine. AND we were :) Making Memories is a GOOD thing even if those memories aren't perfect (getting lost) we still laughed about it. It was a great day :) NO MELT DOWNS!