December 27, 2011

Our Little Christmas

My friend over at HaddyGrace Designs posted this entry on her blog HERE! It was inspiration for me to blog about our Christmas.

I know many people who dislike Christmas for what it's become. A buying fest that get out of control. It really is about Jesus being born to save us from our inequities and give eternal life. He was born to die. It seems sads, esp when you think about it that way but God had it all planned out and Jesus knew all that. He obeyed willingly because of His GREAT love for His Father and for us!

That being said, we instill that into our kids. We talk about what Jesus did for us and how special it was that God choose Mary to have Jesus and the whole story. Even my 2 year old knows about Jesus and I love her curiosity and her love for the story. We try not to focus on the gifts so much and also being a practical mom, I am always looking at the things they need(shoes, clothes, books) and not the wants. I also love practical gifts as well! My sweet hubby got me a NEW vacuum. Never in my life have I had a NEW vacuum! Always been hand me down vacuums and the last one I had was one I got free from a yard sale-6 years ago. It completely broke, never to be fixed again. Most women probably wouldn't like a vacuum for Christmas but I do!!!
Now onto the kids: Books, clothing, shoes, blocks, cooking toys and magic rocks. Remember those? Fun for an older kid and a little science-y. 

Now some photos of our week! :)
Baby Boy Loves looking at his educational mobile-Educational toys are a big hit around here!

Building a Castle all together with Kenzi's blocks  
Baby Boy got a Sophie-So Cute...He smiled the first time he saw her!

My oldest daughter is in vollyball and so we got here some althletic wear-she loved it! 
My youngest daughter got a sling to wear her baby dolls in just like mommy and baby!
My oldest loves history and this is a sure fire way to get him reading :) 
The girls and I made cookies for the AHG Christmas party


Our Recipe


Ready to Bake

Ready to go!

Looking at Christmas lights in town was super fun!

He is going to be such a handsome man! Makes me wan to cry my eyes out that he is almost a teen...

This was so fun!


My favorite by far!
It was one of the best Christmas's ever! I believe it was because we celebrate Jesus Christ's Birth and we are with family and we know the real reason for the season :) Thanks for reading!

December 15, 2011

As of lately...

 Hello! My friend here inspired me to post about Christmas stuff and just stuff in general :)
So the weather has been really mild here. Yesterday was very foggy and unseasonably warm. I got a few pics of the fog by the river and some Canadian geese.

We had my hubby's mom and step-dad come for a visit and that was really nice. Good to see family and share Thanksgiving with them. They gave us our Christmas gift early(it made sense because they were here!) It is a Canon Rebal 3t! I was speechless! So I have been taking a lot more pics, some good and some not-so-good. But that's the fun part! (I kinda like figuring things out and playing with buttons and setting to see what it does...)

Little man has been getting bigger and bigger. Smiling and giggling, cooing and gentle little squeals, he melts my heart and I love him so much!

 And there's my big girl and she just loves him so much!

 Our tree this year! I took some in daylight and some at night just to see what it would do :)
Like this one better :)


Special Ornaments

Aaron 1st Grade

Lily Pre-K

Jesus is the reason for the Season!

Kenzi showing me her bracelet
Little Man with his smile on

Lily by the tree

Playing with lighting, didn't expect this to happen! Totally un-edited...

Our Usborne Nativity Scene-you can find it here!

The Oldest & Youngest hangin'

Love this one!
Merry Christmas!