May 25, 2011

Ultrasound Post #2

The ultrasound was FAB.U.LOUS!
 My dates is right on track and I got to see the tiny hands, feet, heart beating and a tiny head :) 
I LOVED it!!!! 
My oldest daughter went along and (she is nine) she found it interesting for the first 45 min. 
I am glad she was there though! 
The results are we are having our second boy! 
He weighs 9oz right now(BIG SMILE)
I am excited for 2 boys & 2 girls! God sure does know what he is doing ;)
Also I was extremely blessed that the tech told me without a doubt a BOY! 
So good for me because I like to plan things out! 
So his name will be Jackson Joel.
Both these names have a special place in my heart already.
My daughter's middle names are Jane & Jean. 
They both are a feminine version  of the name John
meaning God is Gracious.
And that He is!
He has been so gracious to my family so it is a tribute to Him.
And the name Joel is in my family and I love the meaning-The Lord is God. Love it :)
the meaning of Jack is also God is Gracious 
and so we come to Jackson. I am confident in this name for my baby boy.
Plus my husband likes it a LOT! {BONUS}

May 23, 2011


Today I go for my ultrasound. The 'big' one 
Praying for a HEALTHY baby.
Praying for the baby to be in the right position!
More to come on the outcome of today!!!
Tomorrow I will be 19 weeks :)
My my my this is cruising by SO FAST :) 

May 11, 2011

Spring Time

This time of year my soul longs to be outside in the yard, 
working a garden and planting flowers. 
Right now though we live in a house where the yard is non-existent so there will be some container gardening and flower pots but
 not the big garden I dream of. 
I was able to have a big garden one year and it was
Some Day again there will be a garden! 
Happy Planting!

May 9, 2011

The Most Blessed Mommies Day

This year I was blessed beyond measure! It was a good day spent enjoying my family and hanging out with my dear friend and her family. I will just go through the day real quick and so sorry there are no PHOTOS! I am sad I did not take any pictures! Too much fun to be had :)

  • 8:30 wake up and think what yummy breakfast can I make? German Pancakes and Carmel sauce! Oh so indulgent and yet simple! After that get Kenzi and I ready for the Sunday Service. We looked pretty cute ;)
  • 11 AM Church was amazing! Kenzi went down to the nursery with only a little fussing (My Big Girl! So proud!) Then 3 moms got up and spoke about the different stages of motherhood and it was a beautiful thing to hear! Then the kids sang the song "She has the Son in Her Eyes". Then the Pastor prayed a blessing over all the moms (Which I was SO blessed by!) and he spoke of what moms who know Jesus can do for their entire family and the future of that family. 
  • 12:30 Arrived at home with friends to help eat the feast my husband prepared on the smoker and grill(yes he had both going!) The menu included 2 different kinds of beef brisket, one with a dry rub and one that was marinated overnight. SO yummy! Potatoes n onions done on the grill, asparagus and carrots(brought by the guests to share) and oh so yummy! We also had Italian bread and butter and ice cream cones for dessert. I got some pretty purple and white flowers, a sweet card and a cute balloon. More than what I asked for ;) 
  • 3PM We decided that this day would be awesome to pack up and got to the lake for fishing, walking and playing. It was very sunny and warm but also windy! After a nap for our friends little one they joined us. I would not trade that day for anything! It was the BEST mother's day I have ever had! The kids played well, good food with friends and family and a great day outside. SO BLESSED!!!