May 25, 2011

Ultrasound Post #2

The ultrasound was FAB.U.LOUS!
 My dates is right on track and I got to see the tiny hands, feet, heart beating and a tiny head :) 
I LOVED it!!!! 
My oldest daughter went along and (she is nine) she found it interesting for the first 45 min. 
I am glad she was there though! 
The results are we are having our second boy! 
He weighs 9oz right now(BIG SMILE)
I am excited for 2 boys & 2 girls! God sure does know what he is doing ;)
Also I was extremely blessed that the tech told me without a doubt a BOY! 
So good for me because I like to plan things out! 
So his name will be Jackson Joel.
Both these names have a special place in my heart already.
My daughter's middle names are Jane & Jean. 
They both are a feminine version  of the name John
meaning God is Gracious.
And that He is!
He has been so gracious to my family so it is a tribute to Him.
And the name Joel is in my family and I love the meaning-The Lord is God. Love it :)
the meaning of Jack is also God is Gracious 
and so we come to Jackson. I am confident in this name for my baby boy.
Plus my husband likes it a LOT! {BONUS}


Levi said...

Im so excited for you and James, I know in my heart tha God has trully blessed you both.

jessica m said...

Thanks Levi! We love you :)