September 4, 2013

Oh Hey There!

Oh my its been awhile! Well how how you been? I have been doing well. Things here in our house are as busy as any normal mom to 4 and a wife to 1. This summer went by pretty fast and I would like to apologize for lack of posting. Pretty much our summer went like so- lots of outside time in the yard., planting and taking care of our garden and a few small backyard bonfires. Nothing extravagant or exciting. Nothing  wrong with that especially since we moved into this house and are just enjoying the space.

One space we really love is the veggie garden we planted this spring. I am praying it will provide us with plenty of yummy goodies come this winter! I have never canned anything and I don't think I will this year. I really enjoy freezing things! So I have been working on sauces from tomatoes and pesto from basil and arugula, freezing broccoli, snow peas and green beans. Tonight I am freezing beets :)
Blessing to you all! Produce much fruit in keeping with repentance!
 Our baby garden :)

 Our much bigger grown up garden :)

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