October 20, 2011

A Mini Celebration

This month I celebrate 7 years of being saved and sober. I give all the glory to God because He is the only one who could have made me change. No intervention or jail-time would have gripped me the way Jesus did! I would have died or I fear worse....Lets not focus on that..
So seven years ago My life changed and it was very sudden. One day I packed up my car and my kids and left my home state and moved 1800 miles away. Crazy right? I know but once you hear that still, small voice you can't forget what it said. So we left in search of a new life and I think we did. God is in control of all of this! And He has been good to us!

Life With Kids

My 2 1/2 year old LOVES to open our junk mail!
A little a lot of happiness!
This is very exciting for her and it blesses my heart!

October 14, 2011

New Beginnings

We are in the stages of beginning a new normal. That is a very good thing. We have almost a normal life except for the fact that our new baby has to be away from large crowds, gatherings and places like groceries stores. Kinda hard for me because I have awesome friends that I love to see often and I need to stay out of the way for now. People might say that it would be hard-yes and no-because this is only temporary. Eventually we will be able to go out as a family again. We did all go to our friend's harvest party and ate wonderful food and enjoyed good conversations! Our first family outing and it was glorious! I am enjoying this stage of our life and feel very loved and blessed. Many good friends have done great things for us. My friend Alissa organized meals for us and is doing that for all families with new babies. My friend Rachel had her baby one week after I did and so I had someone to visit with in the hospital. My friend Ruth Ann took my toddler and gave me rides to the hospital (30 miles away!) My friend Amanda gave me a ride home from the hospital and offered rides as well. My friends Christy, Meghan, and Dixie  and their husbands  came to visit us. Many others did countless other kind things. So with that we have such great beginnings ahead of us!