November 9, 2012


Moving is a lot of work! All the sorting to see if you need this or that. Is good in itself but sometimes you go through something that makes you realize how you *should* have done things. Thats good too,though, because you learn from it. Store it away for another similar experience to be recalled at a later time. Life is a learning experience. So try not to take it too seriously!! Even when the pressures of life try to get to ya just remember this-laughter is the best medicine!!! That and a healthy dose of Jesus time! :)

So the house we are moving to has a separate laundry/office room(our current laundry is in our downstairs bath) one extra bedroom, and an upstairs open room that will become the playroom! I am so excited to let my oldest daughter have her own room and get the 2 babies in one room. Did I mention the amount of closet space? There is so much! Yay!!!
Our previous landlords have been so gracious to us and that is all we could ask for. We have simply out grown this house and need more room. Praise God we have it now! Plus a BIG back yard, big garage and a planting shed! So ready for this change!!! Keep your eye out for the post where I share the house with y'all!! Happy Friday everyone! May God bless you!!!

November 1, 2012

Dear November,

Hello November!
You greet us with mid 50s temps and I am loving it.
We are moving this month and I hope that the warm temps and agreeable weather sticks around till we can get settled in. Please?
I am also happy it is the month for Thanksgiving! I will miss my family while everyone I know will be dining with theirs. I do know just how blessed and happy we really are. We have the joy of The Lord and that is a powerful thing!
I love how thanksgiving comes before Christmas to remind us of what is really important. So that is why I love you November.