November 1, 2012

Dear November,

Hello November!
You greet us with mid 50s temps and I am loving it.
We are moving this month and I hope that the warm temps and agreeable weather sticks around till we can get settled in. Please?
I am also happy it is the month for Thanksgiving! I will miss my family while everyone I know will be dining with theirs. I do know just how blessed and happy we really are. We have the joy of The Lord and that is a powerful thing!
I love how thanksgiving comes before Christmas to remind us of what is really important. So that is why I love you November.


Anonymous said...

My sentiments Exactly! I hope your move goes well....November is awesome to highlight exactly what we are thankful for, although we are sometimes mindful of them throughout the year, it is nice to just meditate on the Goodness of God and all that we have, and a time to prayer those who don't
God Bless

Aligna @ ShopgirlsJourney said...

I love you dear friend! praying that this November is a beautiful reminder for you as to how much God really loves you and your family!! xoxo