May 22, 2010

First House=Home for 5!!!

Oh WOW! We have been looking at houses. We found one in our budget and closer to where we worship and the kids go to school. We made a bid(Scary moment for us!) It was denied, we offered a counter bid, it was ACCEPTED!!! We prayed it was in HIS will for our lives and it is coming TRUE! ACK & PRAISE THE LORD all at the same time :) Have you ever felt that way??? I need to confess here...i'm a we bit fearful nervous, but I do know I HAVE to give that to Jesus because it is in His plan for us to have a home. So now on to another chapter of life(home ownership) and I am praying that it will be fun, adventurous, beautiful and most of all, BLESSED! 

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So happy for you friend!! Can't wait to come see your house!!! :) GOD IS GOOD!