June 19, 2012

Camping, Party Planning and more!

I know its been awhile since I posted but with 4 kids you do certain stuff when you get the time right?? Ya I thought so too...
 So camping---we haven't gone yet. The weather for the weekend we planned it was not the greatest. Actually it was really HOT & Humid---not fun for tent camping! If you are lucky enough to own a camper trailer with A/C then no problem!! But not for us! I could;d see everyone being grumpy and sweaty and HOT(just keeping it real folks!) hopefully we will get to go soon! Probably not before my daughter turns 3 though. She will turn 3 on the first of July so I am in the middle of planning her party. I feel so alive with creativity for her special day! No store bought theme kits here! She told me her idea and I am making what I can so make it beautiful to match her beaming personality and of course her gorgeous-ness from her daddy! (is that even a word?! It is now!) I CAN NOT wait to post pics from her party! I am hoping all my local friends can come! :)
Also hoping my ankle feels better soon too! I sprained it last Tuesday---OOFTA! OUCH!
Enjoy some pics of the soon to be 3 year oild!!!

It was dumb really dumb---I was standing to kick my nikes when my ankle gave out. I felt SO stupid. I wasn't running or anything cool to warrant a response of ya that was cool. Nope not me. Oh well... any who those are the latest things going on with us!

Happy Tuesday!!!!

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