June 22, 2012


Seasons are great! Why are they good? Because they change. Just when you think nothing is happening after a long cold winter you notice the buds on the trees are forming. The creator himself is sending you a sign. A sign that says hang on this season is changing. That is so true in life! I have four kids and they are all in different seasons of life. I have one that will be a teenager and one who will be turning 2. Then I have the two girls in the middle and they are In different seasons too.
As so with friends who are in different
Seasons, I am in a different season then I was last year! Praise the Lord!
I am blessed by a circle of great moms who are all in different seasons of life! And because of that we are able to sharpen each others faith as the bible says "As iron sharpens iron, people can improve each other" -proverbs 27:17 ncv that's what's great about friends who are in different seasons! I love them all so much! One friend reminded me that sometime God puts you in someone's life because you are able to help them because you are able to bounce back and maybe they are not able to. That was something that helped me a lot!
What season am I in you ask? Well let me see, I am a mon to an infant who was born a little early and is growing and thriving and already crawling( he could have waited a little!) and also a toddler so I am MOM! But also mom to pre-teen/teens and that require my constant guidance! So mostly I am tired but I do know this is only a season! So beautiful! And of course i am a WIFE! I'm also learning many things from the Lord like being patient, loving people, staying consistent in prayer and reading my bible. It may not sound like a lot to some but with 4 kids I am pretty busy! Also I am in a season of longing. Longing to see my family own a a home. We live in the ugliest rental in town and I am not making that up! (BUT I am thankful for a place to live and call home!!!)
Longing to have a garden which we can't here :( no yard or way to water :(
The Lord sees my dreams and I believe he will honor them someday!
:) :) then I will have a garden and produce to eat, freeze and can!!!! Oh and a clothesline!!!
Happy Friday friends!!!


Amanda Nash said...

Praying for your garden and clothesline:))

Anonymous said...

Thank you! :)
-Jessica m.