October 1, 2010

I am a follower of Christ. I will never say or think that He was not sent to save us from sin. Recently I have not been reading the Word enough or praying enough and I went to a worship service at my  church and the message REALLY spoke to my heart, like saying " You need to hear this..." That message was for me. It probably was for others there too, but my heart was being PULLED on. I haven't been reading my Bible faithfully or praying daily. My walk has grown stagnant. How did this happen? I never thought it would! HA! Let me tell you when life comes fast and hard if you don't choose to take the time to  focus on your walk it can slip away. You know it wasn't like I said "oh I am not a follower of Jesus anymore" or stopped believing in His power and love. If people said things like "Please pray for me or so-n-so..." I did. I said a little prayer for them and through out my day I would pray but I didn't set SPECIAL time aside for Him. Over time I could feel things change in me and it took a special message to call me back into His presence.I   feel like this is a new season in my life. I wanna be the light in my home so when my kids get older they can look back and say, "Ya my mom did read her Bible daily and she set aside special time to pray." I WANT to be that influence in their life. I still love the Lord  and am learning for Him to be the person He wants me to be.

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