September 23, 2010


  • I have dreams of going to my kids' weddings and welcoming their spouse into our family
  • I dream of owning our home home someday
  • I dream of what Heaven will be like
  • I dream of seeing my mom again
  • I dream of riding horses again
  • I dream of being the person the Lord wants me to be
  • I dream of going on vacation to fun, exotic AND family friendly places
  • I dream of doing creative things to bring extra income into my family
  • I dream of French Country Chic design and big open kitchens for entertaining 
I dreamed of my kids attending a Christian school and  they do...
NEVER let go of your dreams!
What do you dream of?


alignaCristina said...

We share some dreams you and I:) Love your blogs new look!!

jessica m said...

I am so glad we share some dreams!!! :)