January 9, 2012

To The Farm!

Last year sometime I heard about a farm in our area that raises animals the 'old fashion' way. You know, in a pasture with grass to eat and room to move about. I thought it was awesome! This last Saturday we went there to visit and purchase some meat. We really don't eat that much because of the way its commercially grown and how costly it can be! It was the best day! We talked and realized we knew many of the same people and wondered why we didn't meet them before. I love how this family does what they do for the love of grass-fed meats and a simpler life! It makes our dream of one day owning a hobby farm so much more real to us. The kids loved it too! We took a tour of the farm and got to see pigs(heritage breed), cows and chickens. They have plenty of barn cats a couple dogs too. Here are some pictures!
A view of the pasture

Kenzi looking at the cattle

young cattle

The silly kitty that kept following us everywhere...

Hogs out in the open, NOT in a confined building 

More view of buildings and pasture

Taking it all in


I can see us owning a hobby farm someday

The little buildings that the momma hogs have their babies in

Again just soaking up the moment

Sweet farm dog

The kitty just trying to get our attention!

Running and playing

MOM! I love it here!
If you are local to me and are interested in them you can find Sugar Creek Farm HERE!


alignaChristina said...

Cant wait to check out this farm!! Jess your blog is so cute:) Love you friend!

jessica m said...

You really should go there! Thanks for showing the love! :) LOVE you too!!