March 12, 2012

Photo Dump

I think I may be addicted to Instagram! I take pics of everything :) this is an easy way to share my week with you all!
My youngest is 6 months old today! We can't believe it!

Convention Sunday! (Our Christian school competes in a regional competion) 

She wore this to school :)

My mom's birthday was this past week. I miss her!

Found this old pic of me and the kids 1-2 months after I got clean. Thats a whole other blog post!

My toddler found some polish!

We hung out with friends

many times! 

Science display for convention...LOVED it!!!

And finally how I feel about my purpose in this life!!1
Thanks for reading!! Have a great week :)

1 comment:

Chelsea Leigh said...

LOVE THIS!!!!! I can't believe Jackson is 6 months! WHAT IN THE WORLD? Where did the time go?! Love you, friend!