March 22, 2012

Busy weekend!

We had a very busy weekend! 2 birthday parties for two very sweet 2 year olds.
One party was a cowboy party for our friend Easton. Let me tell you- his momma, my friend Rachel, went all out!! It was adorable! Had. A. Blast!! Tons of stuff for the kids to do :)

Then a second birthday party for my friend Meghan's daughter. A Dora party that my toddler has a blast at! Many many laughs!! A great party too!!

We also had a baby shower for Meghan! They are having their second girl very soon!!! Exciting!! (sad no quick pic of that!) cute vintage baby shower! Have I told you how much I love the vintage "movement"!?! LOL

Also there was a bridal shower we went too :) my friend Chelsea is getting married on June 23rd!!! (ahem my birthday) so excited for her and her fiancé!! She loves antiques/vintage things. I have a few things like that just laying around so I figured it would be nice to pass something on to her :) it was a lovely orange and light blue cream and sugar set. I wish I had the matching tea pot but I never found it anywhere...
Anyway we also had an AHG meeting and Sunday service to fit in and we went for a nice walk along the river tonight :)

Enjoy this photo dump..

Also SPRINGTIME is here!!! :) till next time have a sweet life :)


Amanda.Marie. said...

love you sis.. blogger is going to be interesting to use..

jessica m said...

Welcome sis!! Love you bunches :)