February 16, 2012

New (to us) van

We got a new minivan last week! It is really nice. God sure knew what he was doing! I will tell you now I wanted a suburban or something similar=more room! But God had a different idea! So we went and looked at a car lot where we know someone who is very honest. We have bought a van from him before and it was a great car! So we went and looked. I was not impressed. Sorry to be honest! Anyway it was clean and rust free. My hubby tells me that this couple who goes to our church brought it in as a trade. That got my attention :) they took very good care of their van and it has low miles so I start thinking. Hmmm maybe this is the car God has in mind for our family. The more I think about it the more I realize that this is it. From the couple who goes to our church and from the car salesman who also goes to our church to us, the car was meant for us! You know what? It is very nice and I feel blessed to be driving around my kids in that car! God knows what is best and maybe some year we will get a suburban but for now we have what we need :)


alignaCristina from SomekindofParadise said...

I'm so happy that you were able to get a really nice van for your family!! He always provides for all our needs even when our desires might be slightly different:))

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Our heavenly Father really does know what's best! That is what I love about Him!!
-Jessica M.