February 27, 2012

The Little Things

Ahhh! What a week!Very busy with friends and well just life! So i am doing a photo dump  & link up to HaddyGrace Designs photo dump link up! Go and check it out! So here some pics from the last week-Enjoy :)

On our way home from a long weekend :)  
My oldest daughter re-purposed a too-small dress into a skirt

My hubby made an AMAZING fajita dinner on our anniversary 

went to my daughters volley ball game on our anniversary

a gorgeous sunset! 

looked thru old photos for an American Heritage girls project-FUNNY!!

Watched the giant snow flakes fall while having coffee with friends

My littlest girl got my phone and took a pic of my friend Christy
A random pic of my friend's daughter. me and my son 

And a final pic of my daughter's friend and her :)
It was a fun week! Thanks for reading!

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