April 25, 2011


I love Easter! It is the time where we really celebrate Christ dieing on the cross for our sins and giving us His Spirit and really so much more! And also a time of candy and dyed eggs. I like the dyed eggs because it symbolizes new beginnings. We have candy, preferably chocolate, and eggs and we worship at our church. We then have a Easter meal. This year I decided that next year we will be adding some new traditions that will be based on what Jesus went through. And so I can explain to my little one about the empty tomb. You can read about it HERE!
             Ready to go! 

                            Human video and sermon :)
Our brightly colored eggs! Some of them we did with shaved crayons...read about that here!

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Dixie Phillips said...

We love the Middours...... Sending hugs to you and yours...... BECAUSE HIS TOMB IS EMPTY, our hearts can be full...... AMEN!