February 21, 2011

Simply Put

Simply put God knows what he is doing by who He puts in our lives. Timing is everything too.

 I sometimes forget these things and ever so gently He reminds me through circumstance and events that take place in my life. He tells me to be thankful for my friends...&&& I am so THANKFUL for my friends.

 I had few friends and now He has blessed me with MANY friends.
 He tells me that my church family is SO IMPORTANT to me... they are more valuable than gold!!!

I value Christian Fellowship more and more as I see how my  friends support me with love. They are not judgmental but encourage me to grow in all areas of my walk with Jesus. I am brought to tears as I think of how they support and love me. 

The thing most amazing to me about God is He knows what we need before we do and the way He constantly works on us. As many times as He has shown me that, I will never be any less amazed.

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