February 23, 2011

Month of Love

Well this Fiday marks our 12 year Annivesary. I Love this month because it just marks it a month of Love. Some people say " OH...Valentines Day AND an anniversary...Wow that's gotta be an expensive month!" But not really because we don't always buy gifts. We show each other how we love in our day to day lives. Some years there are gift other years a nice dinner at home with the kids, and some years we go out just the two of us. I like it that way because I have learned that God is the ultimate Gift giver.(Plus it would be really boring to do the same thing every year!) I used to get hung up on that stuff, because that is what the world say "BUY BUY BUY!!!!"  Love does not mean a lot of STUFF. Love means this to us : 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 and the Bible says that we Love because He first Loved US :) That brings my marriage peace and hope and LOVE!

My Honey and I
The winter is long and right SMACK dab in the middle is the month of love! A celebration of who God gave to me and how He restored our marriage! Love is a wonderful thing ...It can restore, build, uplift, encourage and so  much more than you ever can imagine!

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