January 30, 2011

A Small Adventure

Yesterday morning we left our house with only a hotel reservation. With only some clothes and a  few extra dollars. We needed to go and see what fun we could have and we chose Minneapolis for all the different things we could do. We decided to  go to the mall and ride rides at the amusement park for a bit and then head down to the aquarium. NOW that was REALLY cool. I love seeing animals and fish is their own (almost) element. The kids LOVED it and my smallest girl was amazed by the fish (feeesh as she said) she saw. It was great to hang out with my hubby and awesome kids. We never made any real solids plans but just let things happen. IT WAS SO AWESOME...no schedules or wake up times or bed times! We can cheat bed time for a night right?!?! We swam at the pool, used HIGH speed internet and ate free breakfast. It was nice to get away for a minute and we explored the downtown area of the 'BIG CITY'. Next time we go we'll stay closer so we can explore on foot (too cold and snowing to do that this time) so all in all a great mini vaca! On our way back we went to the Spam Museum and had some good laughs there and learned some things other countries do with spam. I will admit I may try a couple! Don't judge me ;) I am really blessed by the family God has given me and this life is truly a sweet one :)

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megan said...

That's so awesome!
I think everybody needs to cheat bedtime once in a while:):):)