October 24, 2012

October-I love you!

October is a special month for me. Let me explain. It is the month I first came to the Midwest. I moved half way across the country to relocate my family. You might ask if I just did that out of the blue. No I didn't. Well kinda but it was pressed upon my heart. By The Lord. I was doing things with people I shouldn't have hung out with. (I had an addiction) I couldn't stop myself from indulging in things most people don't do. People who loved me told me to get it together. I knew something had to change. I had battled this monster within me for years and I mean like 10 years. It was time to do something different. I had some family in the Midwest and decided to go and live with them for awhile. I left my home state and my life has never been the same and in a good way! God has been with me thru thick & thin. Like the time my mom got breast cancer and was sick and eventually passed away. I am so thankful that I asked Him to help me. I knew I was sinning. I was letting
God, my kids, & my family down. They all still loved me so much! I just didn't see it. Until I left. So I have much love for October and for the Midwest! 8 years baby!!! Feels good too!

Another reason I love October is that that was going to be my last born sons birth month! I instantly made the connection when I found out his due date! God had other plans for baby J. He was born in September. :) now I love September too!!!

If your going thru something you never thought you would just remember that The God who lives in Heaven knows what he is doing! Have patience and take heart! He doesn't ignore your cries-He hears YOU! He will answer
YOU! It may not be in your timing. His
Timing is perfect! His grace sufficient!
Until next time-many blessings to you and yours!!!❤❤❤

Also here are a few photos from my cell :) hope you enjoy!

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Patti said...

Love this ! Awesome testimony !