September 26, 2012

new design

HELLO! How have all you lovely ladies and gents been? good i hope! you know i love meeting new friends and i have been blessed to meet many new friends thru instagram! The smart phone app-it amazes me that thru a small way so many people can get together and get to know each other thru pictures! it really does! day i was on and a girl   named Natalie over at her blog was posting some stuff about her blog. I am WAY fascinated with what she does because she is always changing up her design on her blog-literally every time i read her blog it looks different and i love it! so I was trying to change up my blog one day and bad went to worse(come to find out there was a widget and I couldn't find it) and Natalie helped me with it and added some features to my blog!  Thanks girl!!! Love ya! So you should head on over and check her out. If you need some designing contact her and i know she can put something together for ya!  She is very talented and so sweet :) Happy Wensday everyone!!! PS what do YOU think of my new design???


Anonymous said...

I love it!!!!!!!

jessica m said...

Thanks again sweetie!