April 13, 2012

Happy Friday!

Today is an off day for me. The weather is windy and cold. Maybe that is what the deal is. My mother in law was diagnosed with cancer. Breast, liver & thyroid. So sad. I pray for her often and wish for her to be healthy. My husband and I debate moving back but there are problems with moving and staying. We so want to be there for her and the family! It's hard.

On another note my toddler is so busy! I almost can't keep up. She gets into all kinds off things she shouldn't but I understand she is independent! She is just hard to keep up with sometimes. I am thankful that she is healthy! Some families are not so fortunate. I am thankful.

Funny story: today she dumped her chocolate milk into a small cardboard box and was drinking it off he table.
Her hair was mopping up and spreading it around...ahhhh so funny right? Have a blessed day! ;)

Also what do you do during the weekends? :) I need some ideas!


Cathy's Voice said...

Love your blog Sweetie! And thanks for the button love! Showing some right back at ya over at Cathy's Voice.

Aren't toddlers fun! Also, praying for your family :(

Peace & Blessings!

Cathy's Voice said...

Also, our weekends are full of playing in the yard, road trips to small towns with cool stuff, eating out, Church and photo taken ;)

jessica m said...

Awe! Thanks for praying! I need to do more checking out the small towns in our area! Great idea!!