September 29, 2011

Prayer, the NICU & Blessings

We are home now. I didn't know it was gonna be that way. I didn't know he would have stay there or that his lungs would be so immature. I knew I loved him and we prayed for him. For his delivery and his health. We didn't know we were praying for the awesome nurses and doctors at our local hospital. They were amazing in his coordinated care. They were kind and empathetic and loving. That is blessing #1. 

The next blessing would be our church family. They prayed non stop and I could feel their prayers. I now know they are more than people we go to church with they are family to us! Our friends turned family helped with meals, prayers and gifts from his baby shower that I had while he was still in the hospital. It really helped carry me thru till he came home. God was carrying us the whole way by the people he surrounded us with.

Blessing #3 would be our family who lives far away from us. They also prayed and sent things and cash gifts so we could drive as much as we did(50+ miles round trip).

I think this is one of the hardest trials we've had to go thru. I am so glad I had my Jesus, my  faith, my friends, my family. Without God I absolutely do not know how we would have made it! I truly believe that with all my heart! One verse that I thought of alot was 'Greater is He that is in me than he who is in the world.' and I just gave all my worries and fears to Jesus. I will continue to do that in the many months & years to come. 

His lungs are better now and we still have to be careful of the flu, colds, and RSV. 
So I will pray! 

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