February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day 2010

Well I must admit I LOVE Valentine's Day and I like getting gifts. I enjoy getting gifts that are practical though. The occasional surprise jewelry or something like that is nice, but when your husband is the only person who works outside the home...well you see where I'm going with this. I like things we can't normally go and splurge on. Things like a whole new set of glass measuring cups with handles, a pizza stone, an electric griddle for huge batches of pancakes to freeze for lazy mornings, a treadmill to walk on...I asked my beloved for a treadmill this year for Valentine's/Anniversary (married 2-25-99). Kinda spendy...so I waited til there was a reason and we got our tax return. Most women want pretty shiny things and trust me, I LOVE those things but would rather pick them out myself! My husband would also like me to pick out those things myself! He's always liked it when I pick out my own gifts. I used to get annoyed about it because I wanted him to pick out the "perfect" gift that I'd instantly fall in love with. Well, I soon realized that that doesn't always happen and it's (like that old saying goes) the thought that counts. On top of that, the way that God created him, is in a way that he is a pleaser and I now embrace and accept the way he was 'wired'. I love how God knows our hearts and matches us with our special someone. I feel really blessed that when I mentioned a treadmill my love did not say a rude comment or laugh...He said 'hmmm...if this what you'd like...' and 'it's a good thing to have around for all of us...' I knew then that he would always love me for me. Not for who I might be or who I should be...it reminds me of the love Jesus has for us. You see, my marriage has had some very low points that I never thought we'd survive and all along, in the shadows the Lord was there rooting us on. We have been together now over 11 years and I thank God everyday that He gave J***** to me. I am not saying our life is perfect, far from it, but we, together, us, as a couple and a family have a way of coping, and have good times thru it all. Sometimes, I do not feel as though I deserve such a kind, loving man. I love my hubby and I love how God choose him for me.
Thanks for reading and may God bless you!


Ruth Ann said...

Love this!! You aRE BLESSED!!!

Rae Nolt said...

I LOVE THIS post!!!!!!!!!!
Blessed girls we are!